Since you’re here you may be thinking, who the hell is Stephanie Vachon? 

Well if you ask Google, she’ll tell you that I’m an Actress, a Front-end developper (so good that I apparently deserve two p’s!), a survivor of two brain tumours (that is actually really terrible) a Canadian swimmer (that has to be an oxymoron) and last, but definitely not least, the proud owner of a squirrel playlist on Youtube! 

Yeah I have no idea what a squirrel playlist is either. Should we bet on it?

  1. Videos of squirrels stealing food from people.
  2. Evidence of  squirrels conspiring to kill us all.
  3. Or there are no squirrels and it’s a front for something sinister.

Ha! ok I watched it. Spoiler below.

If you’re really that curious and want to watch it yourself don’t let me stop you. Link here.

It’s a DIY video on how to build a thingy (yes that’s my technical term) to prevent squirrels from eating feed out of a bird feeder. I’m disappointed. I was really hoping for killer squirrels!

Anyway I digress.

So only one of the things Google mentioned above is true of this Stephanie Vachon. I am a Canadian, and I suppose I can swim too. But that doesn’t make me a ‘swimmer’.

If you’re wanting some actual information about my working life here’s the standard CV list of items to cover below.

I’m an experienced and passionate integrated Art Director and Senior Designer. I’m a team player with many years of experience in creative, advertising, marketing, design, brand development, print and digital design.

As mentioned above, I’m a Canadian who has lovingly made Australia home. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some very talented people and clients who love to send a challenge our way. I’ve really enjoyed working collectively with my teams and clients while still pushing and reshaping boundaries.

Thanks for reading.

The end.

p.s. Yes I did refer to Google as ‘she’.


Art Director – Isobar

Art Director 

 – Present

Freelance Creative

Freelance Creative

– May 2019

  • Freelance Art Director & Senior Designer working with companies such as M&C Saatchi & J. Walter Thompson. I’ve worked on many brands across various disciplines. Some of those brands are BWS, Woolworths, Subway, Bayer, Elevit and NSW Government.

Art Director – M&C Saatchi

Art Director (Contract)

 – January 2019

Responsibilities include conceptual Art Direction for a variety of creative projects for Woolworths’ liquor arm, BWS. I have been involved in all aspects of the creative process, from concept development, storyboarding and scamping, developing and designing out ideas, directing video and photo shoots and overseeing the production of final art.

Art Director – We Are Unity

Art Director

 – August 2018

Responsibilities include conceptual Art Direction for a variety of creative projects for Blue Chip clients. I have been involved in all aspects of the creative process, from concept development, storyboarding and scamping, developing and designing out ideas, managing shoots and overseeing the production of final art.

Creative Director – Tonic Connective

– January 2017

Responsibilities include the management of all creative projects, client liaison and management, design brief development, concept development, design execution of client projects and the creative direction of all designers and developers.

Senior Graphic Designer – Stella Design

Senior Graphic Designer

Stella Design – Sydney, Australia
– October

  • Responsible for researching, envisioning, planning, developing and designing all design material
  • Mentoring, supervising and directing Intern, junior and mid-weight designers
  • Consulting and running meetings with clients to determine design objectives, deliverables and process
  • Sketching and planning out design solutions to communicate concepts
  • Detailing sales, quotes, and print pre-press production of all design materials

Graphic Design Lecturer – Raffles College of Design and Commerce

Graphic Design Lecturer

Raffles College of Design and Commerce – Sydney, Australia

  • Responsibilities include the education of graphic design & fashion marketing students
    for different design subjects based on curriculum
  • Mentoring & inspiring students to see things differently & think “outside the box”
  • Critique student design projects, mark assessments & run tutorials
  • Write & plan out lessons including in-class exercises & tutorials
  • Instructing subjects based on design theory, concept based design, social awareness design, self promotion, print production and software instruction
  • Working in Adobe Creative Suite 5

Note: this position was held for a short time only due to immigration visa limitations.

Graphic Designer – Thornley Creative Communications

Graphic Designer

Thornley Creative Communications – Vancouver, Canada
March 2007 – March 2011

  • Responsible for producing creative design concepts & delivering quality graphic design solutions
  • Worked on over 1300 projects, always delivering design solutions within scope, time & budget
  • Produced a wide range of graphics including branding, marketing, packaging & advertising design
  • Partnered directly with clients to translate abstract ideas & concepts into tangible creative design solutions
  • Designed for a variety of corporate clients including Arts Societies, Charities & Government
  • Managed projects of varying lengths; from designing several graphics for multiple clients per day, to projects several months in length, with idea inception, design iterations & final delivery
  • Worked extensively with Adobe Creative Suite 4 (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator & Acrobat Pro)

Marketing Planner – Future Shop

Marketing Planner

Best Buy Ltd / Future Shop – Burnaby, Canada

September 2006 – March 2007

Future Shop is one of the largest electronics retailers in Canada.

Key Responsibilities

Responsible for planning merchandise and product placement within retail stores based on consumer behaviour. Produced signage and marketing layout plans for retail stores to implement working with Adobe CS3 and internal graphic design software.

Graphic Design Intern – WOW Branding

Graphic Design Intern

WOW Branding – Vancouver, Canada

  • Assisted the Art Director & full design team on delivering graphic design solutions
  • Worked on an array of different branding projects, such as logo, package & layout design
  • Participated in creative brainstorming sessions, including naming process sessions
  • Worked on the layout design & Photoshop mock-ups for the Rockport book “Logo Savvy”. Rockport is a well known graphic design, architecture & interior design book publisher


AWARD School


Award School is a course about ideas, creative thinking & the processes involved in coming up with great ideas & ultimately good ads.

My AWARD School work was selected by the judges to feature on ‘The Wall’.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Graphics and Visual Design

The Graphics and Visual Design program encompass’ diversities of thought, philosophy, values and learning styles. The curriculum emphasizes personal development, creative problem solving and critical thinking. Covering all bases and fundamentals of design from design principals through to the importance of solid design concepts.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Interdisciplinary design studies

Interdisciplinary Design Studies is a rounded out design program that teaches students fundamentals of different design disciplines. These include graphic design, interior design, industrial design, fashion design and some marketing principles.