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Modernising the Bupa Corporate experience


Bupa has a corporate offering in which it partners with 4000+ businesses, to offer their employees a discount on health insurance. The existing corporate landing pages were very outdated and didn’t offer corporate customers much value or communicate the corporate offering at all.

The ask

Uplift and enhance the Bupa Corporate experience. This brief was fairly open with these guard rails:


  1. Customers do not understand their corporate offer.
    1. The company offer wasn’t shown, but there is a promotional offer included that customers may misinterpret as their company offer, creating confusion.
  2. Customers were confused that they’re within the corporate space of the website, and what that is/means.
  3. Over half of corporate members were converting over the phone, rather than through the website. This meant a higher than expected demand on Bupa’s Contact Centre.

Unexpected problems:

  1. Tech restrictions popped up continually throughout this project, mostly around surfacing and automating data like the the offer and the company name.
  2. Stakeholder disagreement on showcasing key items after approvals and build, like the company offers.
  3. Surfacing company offers was a major design and tech problem to solve, with convoluted backend systems that wouldn’t ‘talk’ to each other.


  1. Improve the understanding of the corporate space and benefits
  2. Drive customers down the purchase pathway to the ‘get a quote’
  3. Templatise the company pages, while ‘personalising’ them

This was a large project that required an overhaul. This meant a huge effort that ran over 3 quarters, including dev and approval time.


Offer the customer simple content that communicated they’re in the corporate space what that is, how to search for their company and showcase their corporate offer.

During conceptualisation, I produced other potential features to consider for the corporate space moving forward, but focused on this MVP.


A new Sitecore implemented modular search ‘hub’ page was created, that allows the business to either feature offers in the hero (an important business strategy for Bupa), while designing and building a default hero as well. This page saw a big boost in engagement with focus on the search widget, that was showcased at the top and bottom of the page to drive customers down the sales pathway.

The templated company pages, were the next build, just launched for Bupa’s 4000+ company partners. These pages feature the offer and a new feature, and ‘in-page quote’ within the page itself. Since the current quote pathway is a major pain point this addresses that for the corporate audience. And will be CRO A/B tested. If it wins, the in-page quote will be implemented in the domestic audience pathway also.

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