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Personalising the journey for Bupa’s return prospects


Bupa has an existing MVP version of  ‘Abandoned Cart Experience (ACE)’ which serves return visitors with a welcome back message and CTA to try to get them back on to the purchase journey. This initiative has been successful, but we’d like to see where we can improve it further. There are currently 5 ACEs that focus on slightly different CTAs based on what the prospect last did on the site.

The ask

The current ACE sits above the hero content on certain landing pages, pushing the page content down. This makes the page hero content, including any in-market offers sit below the fold, especially in smaller screens. This is a problem for the business, who highly relies on offers as incentives.

How can we optimise the ACE further through combining hero content and the ACE content?

Brief identified problems:

  1. Page content is pushed down, increasing page lengths, particularly on mobile.
  2. This may obscure the visibility of offers
  3. Missed personalisation opportunity, how can we leverage further data to optimise the ACEs more?
  4. Conflicting priorities with multiple page features fighting with each other for the customer’s attention.


Seamlessly integrate the ACE into the hero section to enhance personalisation, optimise page length and maximise offer visibility.


This project didn’t have budget for custom research, so I used any existing research I could find to inform the direction. I sourced information from other initiatives where there were insights on the customer’s purchase journeys, intentions, pain points and used analytics on the current state ACEs to inform where to do next.

Identifying gaps in understanding exactly what customer problems we’re addressing. So after pulling together the research and insights, I planned a workshop to fill in gaps and gain alignment from product, design, research, content, SMEs and stakeholders.


Upon running the workshop, I suggested a segmented approach of smaller bite sized CRO A/B tests we could run on the current state to fill in some of the gaps and drive the direction for the ACE Hero with evidence.

This is currently underway.

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